About The Guy that Cooks

I am a 30 something guy who travels the world tasting foods and stealing idea’s. I am currently residing in Auckland, New Zealand where an abundance of fresh produce is available and where some of the best fusion cooking originates.


I originally came up with the idea of “The Guy That Cooks” as my friends in Canada & the USA wanted to know what I was cooking for dinner each night. I started it and only added the meals I thought worked or were unusual.


I have a large passion for curing meats and experiment most weekends with something different.


If you are interested in cooking I suggest that you keep at it. I have numerous failures in the kitchen but for all of those failures one great dish will appear. I try to keep minimal articles on my blog as I do not want to be like others who post any recipe they want. I only post the good things that work, that are feasible to cook at home and that people will like.

Cooking should be fun so take these recipes, try them out and share them around.

Thanks for visiting. I really hope you come back and leave your own mark here by commenting and sharing your successes.


9 responses to “About The Guy that Cooks

  1. I really like the idea of the Bacon Maple cupcakes; I would like more information about you on the ‘about’ page, though.

    Can’t wait to see some more recipes!

  2. I would like a search button and an organized recipe index of your posts like dessert: cupcake: bacon maple, steak; …, poultry:..

  3. are you single? because we could make the best dishes together (among other things) lol.

  4. Do I spy a Canucks hat in that picture! 😀

    I hope so!

  5. Hey I was wondering if you could put your take on chutney on here. Ive always been a fan of chutneys but most recipes are a little odd.

    • theguythatcooks

      I would be interested in posting a recipe for this. If you told me which type of chutney you were wanting help with it would guide me into the right direction. There are numerous types and quite a few different styles. Give me an idea of what you are looking for and I will see what I can do.


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