Home made Potato Chips – Special Update!

Not the best photo, but the best chips!


This is simple but might take two attempts to get an idea of the power of your microwave. Yes, I said microwave (shock horror).

If you have some potatoes, a sharp knife and a microwave then you are set to go. I cook these up often when I am feeling like a snack but have either nothing in the house, or am simply too lazy to get up and go to the store. This has an added bonus. As you can only fit so many on the plate to microwave you eat less and feel quite satisfied. I would probably sit down and eat an entire bag if I bought one.

These chips taste great if you enjoy a simple salted chip that has a natural earthy taste to it. Here is what you do:


1 large (oval if possible) potato
Salt & olive oil (oil optional)

Cut thin slices of the potato. The thinner these are the shorter the cook time. I try to get something about the thickness of the kitchen knife I use to cut it but it is all personal preference. If you make them too fat however you will end up with a rubbery chip rather than a crisp crunchy one.

Arrange on a waxed cooking paper on a plate as shown

Lay these out onto a plate. I place some cooking paper underneath as they tend to stick to a plate. Just find some waxed baking paper and you will be fine. I spray mine lightly with olive oil but this is not necessary. I find it gives it a slightly more deep fried taste and look and helps the salt stick to it.

Microwave on high for 3 minutes (1000w microwave). Turn slices over and repeat for a further 3 minutes. Remove and inspect. I then microwave for another minute or two keeping an eye on them making sure they do not colour too much. When they colour they taste earthier in strength.

Slice to desired thickness

Once they are done take them out, sprinkle a little salt on them and enjoy. You might want to put your next batch in. I do two batches of a single large ptoato which fills a small bowl for me to snack on as I watch the mighty Vancouver Canucks (or insert your own show in here).

Check out the photos for what these should look like. Apologies for the quality but the mobile was on hand and the camera was not.

Nom nom nom nom nom


Okay, I was playing around with leftovers and remembered some pototo sticks that I had eaten in Prague, Czech Republic.

I chopped up some slightly thicker sliced pieces of potato and cut them into sticks. I put them in the microwave as shown in the photos below, added salt and sprayed with oil and microwaved for 3 mins on high. They became crisp with a few softish ones. Did them for another minute monitoring the colour making sure they did not go brown.

TASTY! Try them out. These may even be better than the original chips (?). I am pretty hooked on them.

Chop it into sticks

Put them on a plate (with non stick paper as usual) salt and spray with oil.


Microwave them............


The final result. Delicious crispy salty potato sticks. Share them around.



14 responses to “Home made Potato Chips – Special Update!

  1. Not bad, ran out of milk for cereal and found some nice healthy potatoes. home made chips for breakfast! btw… GO BRUINS!!!

  2. Best chips ever! I tried them with some garlic and other herbs! Made them even better! I’m going to keep experimenting! Thanks so much for the recipe!

    • theguythatcooks

      Let me know how they go. If you come across a good way to flavour them I would be interested in hearing from you. If you like natural tasting chips, these are them.

  3. Debbie Madland

    Don’t you mean parchment paper (not waxed paper)?

    • theguythatcooks

      Nope, I mean waxed paper. The same as you use in baking. Maybe it is called parchment paper where you come from?

  4. Debbie Madland

    Yes – waxed paper is for cold food prep. The wax on the paper can melt when hot. We use parchment paper to line pans when baking cookies, etc.

  5. Would you happen to know if i could do these in a normal, non-microwave oven? Would love to try really

    • theguythatcooks

      I have not tired it but I doubt this would work in a conventional oven. You need the quick action of the microwaves with the water in the potato. If you come up with an alternative by all means let me know and I will post it here.

  6. I wonder if using a vegie peeler to cut the slices would work for thinness and uniformity? Great idea, though. Have to try it out. Thanks!

  7. I just tried them and they are amazing….. Thank you!!!

  8. That’s great. I didn’t expect it to work. I made two batches, just to be sure.
    Salt, olive oil and cracked black pepper is good.
    I am going to try parmasan cheese and garlic powder on the next batch.

    • theguythatcooks

      Fantastic. I was really amazed when I first tried this. It goes against everything I believe in about microwaves. things cooked in them are supposed to come out soft and soggy.
      You better let us know if you come onto any winning flavour combo’s!

  9. First time visitor to your blog and was totally inspired by the idea of home-made chippies. Slightly deviated and used kumara (sweet potato). Sliced my kumara to perfection using my new Euro slicer (you’ll want one!!) and followed your recipe exactly. Let them cool and sprinkled grounded rock salt – delicious! Thanks so much for the inspiration – happy to share some time 🙂

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