Chicago Dogs

Chicago Dog

Cooking finer food is all well and good but I actually really like hot-dogs. These are one of my true favourite foods and I am not ashamed to admit it.

I make numerous types based on the ones that I have tried around the world and here is one that has a different flavour than others.

It is a take on the Chicago Dog and instead of sweet and cheesy it is tangy and lower in fat.

Heres the details:

1 all-beef hot dog
yellow mustard

Bakery hot dog buns (not the processed factory buns)

1 tablespoon sweet green pickle relish
Red/white onion (chopped)
4 tomato wedges
dill pickle spears
Sweet peppers/capsicum
Celery salt

Heat franks in water for 5 mins or until warm through, steam buns split side down for 1-2 mins till warm but not wet.

Put frank in bun.
Add (in this order) mustard, green relish, onion,tomato,pickes,peppers,celery salt



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3 responses to “Chicago Dogs

  1. i miss these SO much. i was born in chicago but moved away when i was young. if i could have this and italian beefs again, my life would be set

  2. theguythatcooks

    Well now you can make them! 🙂

    just don’t eat too many.

  3. These look really tasty the Chicago side isn’t relative to me but good tasting food is.

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